Industrial Flat Roof Replacement

Industrial Flat Roof Maintenance & Repair Swindon

New flat roof or refurbishment required in Swindon? Look no further.


No matter what your flat roof project is, we have you covered! We understand that there is no "one-stop" solution for flat roof's, which is why we offer a wide range of flat roof products & services to cater for all flat roof designs or problems.


All of our workforces are trained to apply liquid waterproofing solutions or single ply systems including, IKP Armourplan PVC, Polyurethane & PMMA walk safe coatings.


All of our work is inspected and signed off by independent surveyors and guarantees are provided which are backed by the manufacturer for up to 20 years. 



Every flat roof will require its own approach. A localised leak might only require a patch repair, whereas an aged built up felt roof with ponding water might require a total strip, decking replacement and replacement membrane or coating.


To save on costs we can also provide an option to apply a liquid coating to the entire roof, or localised areas. By applying a coating straight over the top, you will not need to insulate the whole roof, saving thousands on your roof repairs. If you strip more than 25% of the total flat roof area, that section would need to be updated to current thermal regulations.


Services we provide..
  • Total flat roof replacement including firings and deck.

  • Insulation and drainage installation

  • Heat reflective coatings

  • Anti-slip walkway

  • Spot repairs

  • Emergency call out repairs

  • New build flat roof installation

  • Subcontracting and working in partnerships on large scale projects

  • Approved installers of IKO Armourplan PVC

  • Approved installers of SIKA Sikalastic 625 & Decothane products

  • Approved installers of Kingspan TopDeck composite system

  • Approved installers of EPDM Liquid Rubber (the only true EPDM rubber in liquid form)

  • We welcome tender invitations


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More about our Industrial & Commercial Flat Roofing services in Swindon


We have a number of different solutions to fix your flat roofing problems. We can carry out localised emergency repairs to temporarily stop the leaks to allow you time to budget for a longer-term solution.

If the current roof allows, we can clean & apply a waterproof coating straight over the top of the existing roof using a cold applied polyurethane coating, this saves money as you do not have to take the old roof up and then potentially insulate or, if feasible, totally remove the exisiting roof membrane and boarding and install mechanically fastened EPDM sheet or heat welded TPE for a seamless roof. We do not use felt and bitumen as it is outdated and newer materials last much longer and are better for the environment.


Our team covers Swindon and the surrounding areas for all our roofing services. Working on roof's and especially near rooflights is extremely dangerous and should only be carried out by professionals trained to work at height, which is why we have strict health and safety procedures in place, carry IPAF and SafeContractor accreditations and spot check all our staff on a regular basis.