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Asbestos roof removal
Asbestos roof removal

Removed asbestos roof & replace with a built up insulated metal roof

2016-11-08 11.54.32
2016-11-08 11.54.32

Profile 6 Overclad
Profile 6 Overclad

Asbestos roof removal
Asbestos roof removal

Removed asbestos roof & replace with a built up insulated metal roof

Need industrial roof replacement in Swindon?


We cover many types of industrial roofing from Kingspan, double skin insulated steel and fiber cement. If structurally possible, we can also install an over clad system such as Filon over roofing or steel sheets fitted with a bar and bracket system.


  • Industrial Roof Removal & Replacement

If your roof structure cannot support over cladding, this is one of your two options. We can remove your current asbestos, fiber cement or metal corrugated roof and replace with an insulated corrugated metal roof in a number of different colour & finishes to suit your design and budget. If you have an agricultural building, you might want to opt for a fiber cement roof. This option is guaranteed for 25 years.



  • Industrial Roof Overcladding

Rather than the disruption of removing your old roof to replace with a new one, there is the option to fit and fasten new purlins (or rails) on top of your existing roof and fasten them onto your existing roof purlins. Insulation and a new corrugated metal roof can then be laid on top. Before this can be carried out we must be totally certain your roof structure can support the extra weight. This option is guaranteed for 25 years.


  • Industrial Roof GRP Oversheeting

This option is best suited for asbestos or fiber cement roofs. All moss is brushed from the roof, bolts are cut and GRP panels matching your current industrial roof profile is laid directly on top, new bolts are used to fasten it all down, using the existing holes. If the entire roof is done in this way, it is the same as over cladding and will last for at least 25 years.


If you have are having problems with an industrial roof or you are a project manager that needs some advice or a free, no obligation quotation.

Give us a call today on 0800 678 5094. One of our friendly advisers will be more than happy to help.



More on roof industrial roof repair

We offer a cost-effective solution to quickly repair and protect your industrial roof. All our services cover industrial, commercial & agricultural buildings. We do not cover domestic garages or properties.


If you are experiencing leaks from your roof or gutters is best to give us a call to arrange a site visit straight away. Don't be put off by thinking it's going to be expensive. If you fix the problem straight away, a localised repair is probably all that is required. If left too long, it will only get worse and cost more to repair.


In most cases, we can safely work above, without causing any disruption to your operations bIndelow.


Prothos Services offers many different commercial & industrial roofing & cladding services to meet all business needs. As a customer-focused business, we have built our reputation on outstanding workmanship and trust, which is why...

100% of previous customers (Based on Reviews) recommend Prothos Services for commercial and residential roof restoration and repair. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews online!

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ALS Thame

Recognised as one of the leading product labelling machine manufacturers in England, the roof leaks had to be fixed long term to protect their expensive stock and corporate image

Services Include
  • Rooflight replacement

  • Oversheeting

  • Overcladding

  • Commercial Roof & cladding Cleaning

  • Asbestos encapsulation, coating & repair

  • Asbestos roof cleaning, waste water recovery & filtration to 5 micron

  • Commercial roof repair

  • All aspects of commercial roof repair

  • Box Gutter Leak repair

  • Roof replacement