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Cut Edge Corrosion Repair in Swindon


Profile roof panels are protected from rust because of the protective coating which is applied during the manufacturing process. The problem is, the coating is applied before the steel sheets are cut to size. Once cut, the edge of the sheet is open to the elements. The overlap of a metal roof holds water, even when the rest of the roof is dry. All this water slowly breaks down the steel sheet from the edge and works its way under the coating.


The coating then starts flaking away, exposing more of the untreated metal. If this problem is not treated quickly, the panels will need to be replaced.


We offer a service where we use an abrasive sanding disc to remove any loose paint and rust & apply a coating in a neat line. As the coating is often a completely different colour to your current roof, we use masking tape to ensure a perfect, sharp & straight line. This takes more time which is why many other companies skip this method and apply the coating free hand.


No matter how large or small your building is, we are more than happy to provide a free quote. Most of the time, this can be done using Google Maps and a quote sent over via email.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Cleaning & repair service for corroded & rusting end and side laps of industrial steel corrugated roof & cladding

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Move the slider below to see the cut edge before  & after cut edge corrosion treatment.

Below is an extreme example as an emergency repair for a new tenant. Sheets in this state would be replaced.  This is to show the potential of our coatings when applied correctly

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Let us repair your cut edge corrosion before it’s too late!


When roof & cladding panels are made, they are protected with a coating. Either PVF2, Plastisol, Modified acrylic or similar. When they are cut to size, bare metal is left open to the elements. Over 10 years or more rust works its way up the sheet, between the protective coating. The coating falls away and the panels rust further. Not long after this, holes will start to appear on the roof or cladding.

It’s always best to coat the end & side laps before damage occurs, but this isn’t always possible. Normally due to the roof never to be given a second thought till water drip into the building!


Don’t worry if your roof or cladding has small holes or bad corrosion. In most cases, we can apply our repair techniques without the huge cost & disruption of roof or cladding replacement.

Our cut edge corrosion coatings, fiberglass matting & butyl sealant coupled with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee, will ensure your roof or/and cladding has years of life yet.


Cut edge treatment process.

  • Apply degreaser or cleaning agent to ensure algae & moss is killed.

  • Pressure wash end and side laps (depending on the project).

  • Remove any remaining loose coating.


The following processes will differ from project to project.

  • Loosen end lap fixings, apply butyl strip & refix.

  • Apply masking tape to ensure straight edge, 50mm below &/or above rust.

  • Roller apply a thin coat & embed fiberglass matting.

  • Roll top coat to ensure all fibers are coated.

  • Immediately remove the masking tape.


Our product is activated by introducing a catalyst. Once introduced the coating will set within 30 minutes. This is regardless of weather conditions. Once the coating has been applied there is no worry that it may rain, as this won’t affect the curing process.

Once fully cured, the coating is extremely durable, yet flexible to allow expansion & contraction of the structure & roof surface. This ensures the product won’t crack & fail under the tough climates a roof endures.