Industrial & Commercial Asbestos Roof Cleaning in Swindon

If you need your asbestos roof cleaned to improve its look or you have already found your preferred coating contractor but they do not clean asbestos, you have come to the right site!


To clean asbestos you need specialist training and equipment to ensure all enviromental and health and safety regulations are adheared to. Cleaning an asbestos corrugated roof is a messy business and is not as easy to do as you may think. When dirty and it becomes damp an asbestos roof is very slippy which is why we use a specialist rotary cleaner and guide it down the asbestos roof. This is HSE's preferred method as it keeps most of the "splash" from the dirty asbestos water contained.


Please see our illustrations below which show the processes we take to safely clean asbestos roof.


Edge protection is erected to ensure all staff are safe protected from falls

Set up filter system to remove asbestos waste is removed from water.

Brush off large moss clumps and debris to ensure downpipes and water pump doesn't block.

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Casy Study

ALS Thame

Recognised as one of the leading product labelling machine manufacturers in England, the roof leaks had to be fixed long term to protect their expensive stock and corporate image

Specialist rotary cleaner head cleans the asbestos with the bristles preventing overspray of asbestos containing water.

The asbestos roof is now totally clean and ready for repairs and coating