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Industrial Roof problems explained - Asbestos



  • Leaking bolts

Over time the asbestos will become thinner due to degradation, this can cause the washers around the bolts to become loose. This will allow water to seap in and cause leaks. The bolts rubber washer could also degrade and break up. Because the water could run down the channel in the purlin, it will not be so easy to find the exact bolt which is leaking. For this scenariao we would cover all bolts with a thick layer of butyl tape or if your budget allow, replace with new. 


  • Cracks

In the winter the roof structure will contract and heat will cause it to expand in the summer. As asbestos cement panels have very little flexibility, the panels will crack. This will not only leak, but weaken the panels considerably. To repair we would remove the existing fixings, slide a new GRP sheet over the top and re fix. This keeps the existing asbestos in place, avoiding costly waste disposal and ensures no further leaks or degradation of the panel will occur.


  • Rooflights - GRP

UV light will cause the roof lights top resin coating and the sealant to degrade. Moss will also grow up and under the rooflights allow water to enter past the degraded sealant via capillary action. The solution would to either clean the skylight and apply a shatter proof top coat and seal the bottom or totally replace the rooflight. We would always recommend replacing the rooflight completely, but we understand in some circumstances, this is not possible. 


  • Delamination

This problem happens over a long period of time. In some cases, its down to a faulty batch. Once signs of delamination occur, you should act fast and DO NOT put it off for a year or two! You will need to completely clean the roof while capturing the water and filtering it before it enters the drains, carry out the prep work to bolts, cracks & delaminated areas and apply a top coat to prevent further delamination. This is a much cheaper option than re roofing or over cladding. Over cladding also puts much more stress on your roof structure.





Asbestos roof sheet that had delaminated due to adverse weather